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Catherine Fallon Operations

Changing your aerial perspective

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07756 613 792

Catherine Fallonoutlook@3x-100.webp

Melksham-based Catherine Fallon Operations specialises in professional Aerial Photography, Thermography and Inspection using the latest drone technology. 


We hold a valid CAA permission for day and night commercial operations in UK airspace (PfCO) and are fully insured.


Flying a drone of course is only half of the story.  The end product for the client is dependent upon the composition and quality of the imagery and we use one of the UK's leading commercial drone photographers to provide training and ongoing mentoring.   

Our equipment is from industry leading suppliers, including DJI Global, Hasslebad,, Canon and FLIR.


Catherine Fallon Operations is based in Melksham in Wiltshire and operates across England and Wales.

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