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Who's behind the site? 

We're Melksham Town Council, based at Melksham Town Hall, Market Place, SN12 6ES and working to support our businesses, community groups, residents and visitors.

We'd love to hear from you.  It's always best to email first though.  Whilst our base is at the Town Hall, its all a bit fluid, we could be working anywhere.  You know how it is.....


Help! I'm a community organisation

All I wanted was a privacy notice!

We realise the needs of community organisations and charities can be a little different to commercial businesses.  Fear not, we have expertise in this sector too.  Just get in touch with Miriam Zaccarelli for a chat.   She'll be delighted to assist. and 01225 704 187 Melksham Town Hall

Yes, we might have looked here for that too.


But your privacy is so important to us, we've put the link to our privacy notice in the footer of every page on this site!

And it's here again too.  Do get in touch if you've any questions.

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